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Welcome to Goldhay Arts

Creating a culture of warmth & belonging

How to Join Goldhay Arts

  • You can talk to the Goldhay Arts office on 01733 262442
  • You can arrange to come and visit our newly refurbished space to find out more and see  if Goldhay Arts is right for you
  • Attend free taster sessions to experience the benefits of our weekly sessions

We are open Monday to Friday 9am – 4.30pm 50 weeks of the year


dance sessions

Dance Sessions

Our dance sessions are designed to teach you a wide ...
The Access Team

The Access Team

Our Access Team sessions are used to work with the ...
visual arts

Visual Arts Sessions

Thursdays 10 – 12noon & 1 – 3pm This session ...
music session

Music Sessions

Our weekly music sessions encourage you to explore your feelings ...

Drama Sessions

As a group, create original plays and perform to audiences ...
What People say about Goldhay Arts:

Goldhay Arts are so important

Groups like Goldhay Arts are so important in so many ways. They are more than art games, they help build lives.

Jonathan (staff)

Such a pleasure to be involved

I love encouraging members to develop their understanding of various artists, art history and developing their skills. Such a pleasure to be involved with this wonderful group.

Louise (Art Tutor)

Good place to come to

It’s a good place to come to. I enjoy dance and art

Paula (group member)

Likes art

& likes drawing

Godwin (group member )

Sessions are brilliant

The sessions are brilliant and the staff are wonderful. I really enjoy my time here.

Jimmy (group member)

Wonderful work done here

I support Jimmy to come to the art sessions. It’s wonderful to see the work done here and Jimmy is always very happy to be here. Everyone has made me so welcome and helps me to support Jimmy. It’s a wonderful place

Caroline (external support staff)

Great place to work

Enjoying my work with the Access Team on Fridays empowering them to access the wider community

Dawn (staff)

Really friendly

I like it here at Goldhay Arts. I find it really friendly

Nicola (group member)

I like art & drawing

I like listening to ABBA and I like art and drawing

Anna (group member)

A wonderful place to work.

A wonderful place to work. Everyone is so supportive and friendly.

Lorraine (staff)

Likes dancing with staff

Likes dancing, likes dancing with staff.

Sian (group member)

Sessions help me with my concentration

I like art and drama. In the sessions they help me with my concentration skills. I like helping in the sessions. I like going on day trips with the Access Team. I like the summer ball.

Lesley (group member)

Like dancing to Thriller

I like magic and like being a werewolf and dancing to Thriller

John (group member)

Like seeing my friends

Likes to come to Goldhay Arts. Likes to do dancing at Goldhay. Like seeing my friends at Goldhay Arts

Adam (group member)

Like seeing friends

I like comedy and drama. Like seeing friends, friends from Heltwate School and seeing my girlfriend

Bradley (group member)



Farooq (group member)


Friendly environment and a fun place to work

Shannon (Student)

Best thing is dancing

Likes dancing

Jayne (group member)
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