About Goldhay Arts

About Goldhay ArtsGoldhay Arts is a registered charity specialising in performing and visual arts activities for adults with learning difficulties. Our aim is to provide a quality service with an emphasis on personal development through experience of the performing and visual arts.

As a group, we work on 3 basic principles:

  1. We use professional Artists as Tutors
  2. We encourage equality and respect for each other as Artists and
  3. Produce quality work which gains recognition from the arts world

We are open Monday to Friday 9am – 4.30pm 50 weeks of the year


Do you have a wide-ranging business planning and development experience that you could bring to the Board of a small charity and use this to help improve health / wellbeing and lives of a disadvantaged group?
This is an exciting time to join our charity, help to shape its future and aid in the personal and professional development of adults with learning difficulties.
Our Chair is particularly interested in recruiting members with experience and expertise in any of the following areas:
*Caring, either currently or perhaps a former carer *Social Enterprise *Finance *Health & Social Care *Business planning and Service Development *Fundraising *HR and Personnel Community development

celebrating 20 yearsWhat Makes Goldhay Arts Different?

  • We were the first day centre to specialise in arts based activities, through which we help our members not only with co-ordination but life skills, improving self confidence, self image and enhancing member’s standing in the community.
  • We are the only group in Peterborough that produce our own performances and art exhibitions where members can sell their work.
  • We employ professional teachers who coach and develop skills of members within the arts
  • We showcase our member’s skills and talents within the wider community through the delivery of workshops / short plays and art exhibitions.
  • Our members script and perform their own productions annually with guidance from their tutor, making outcomes client lead.
  • Our promotion of choice and the opportunity to discuss progress at weekly group meetings.