Dance Session

Dance sessionTuesdays 10 – 12noon

Our dance sessions are designed to teach you a wide range of dance techniques and styles whilst working on improving movement, fitness and body expressions.

At the start of each session you will take part in a warn up, concentrating on breathing, relaxation and gentle stretching exercises.

We will work on keeping you fit while learning fun routines you can perform out in the local community and at our annual shows.

Benefits of our Dance Session

  • The chance to learn and develop your dancing skills / technique
  • Improved coordination and fitness
  • Improved posture and mobility through regular exercise
  • Improved confidence, social inclusion and self-esteem through regular group participation
  • Improved spatial awareness from working with partners
  • Improved memory recall from learning dance routines
  • Work with Tutor to create your own dance routines, encouraging creativity
  • The opportunity to perform dance routines you have learnt out in the local community and at our annual shows