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About Nicola Collard

Nicola CollardI was born and brought up in South East London, spending most of my school holidays with my wonderful grandparents who lived in a beautiful part of Lancashire, the best of both worlds! I lived as an only child with just my mum from the age of five, after my O levels I was at the stage when I was ready to carve out a career for myself.

I had a passion for art and fashion which led me to getting a degree in Fashion and Textiles at Ravensbourne University. This led me to a career in Fashion Buying at Fenwick Bond Street London.

Now, things are rather different! As time goes on, life changes and it really has been an organic experience for me in terms of what my life is shaped by now. Most of which have not been conscious decisions, (apart from wanting and planning for children!), but avenues opening up quite naturally, encouraged by others to pursue.

Sometimes others can see your potential better than you can yourself! Two examples of this is training to become a Licensed Lay Minister and becoming Chair of Governors at a local infant school.

Both have been great learning curves and thrust me into roles which I never imagined I would be doing. Serving the community has been massively challenging and wholly rewarding.

I have maintained my interest in drawing, painting and printing. I have been lucky enough to have had successful small exhibitions along the way and continue to motivate myself in my artistic  endeavours. This can sometimes be difficult as living with my husband and two boys aged 9 and 12 is quite demanding!

I was honoured to attend the Goldhay Christmas Charity Ball a few years ago. It was marvellous to meet and have the opportunity to talk to, (and dance with!), so many happy, friendly and motivated people who despite various setbacks were amazingly positive and clearly have so much love and respect for all the staff and helpers who make the centre such an important place for them. An oasis of friendship and understanding, a place to learn skills and gain confidence, somewhere that to express creatively is so successfully encouraged. I was inspired
and all who are involved in Goldhay Arts have my utmost respect.

Sometime after this I was invited to the centre to show my artwork and talk about it, we then had a practical session, which was such fun and so satisfying. A one off, but a day I won’t forget in a hurry. I was so grateful for everyone’s kindness and warm welcome.

I am honoured and delighted to be asked to be a Patron of Goldhay Arts and will do as much as I can to help promote and support the charity.

Nicola Collard

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